bad childhood

you’ve always had a good excuse
for everything you’ve done
from you didn’t mean it
to it was all in fun
you never cared
if anyone got hurt
you never cared
if you missed a day at work
you don’t know right from wrong
but by know you know you should
you tell everyone you had a bad childhood

i’m not surprised at all
that you turned out this way
i recall your father
worked for the c.i.a.
you would always brag
yeah you were always proud
even when he broke the law
you would stand your ground
i don’t know why so many
thought you’d turn out good
after all you had a bad childhood

you don’t have any problem
about lying to my face
you’re not afraid to cheat
if it helps you win the race
you’re just like your brother
you’re just like your dad
you’re not afraid to stab
someone in the back
you plead not guilty
or at least misunderstood
after all you had that bad childhood

you’ve had so many snowed
but now it’s starting to fade
people have grown tired
of your over-blown charades
i love to watch you stumble
i’ll love to watch you fall
i hope the camera rolling
so they can catch it all
i knew the whole time
you were up to no good
i chased it back to your bad childhood


words and music by jake kelly
© 2006 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool

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