it would be great if i could tell you about my rise from adversity. my poor humble roots. but the truth is i had loving parents, a steady home, food to eat every night, and a bed i didn’t have to share. sure, i was beaten and threatened by my brother every day to the point that i feared for my life, but my parents always told me he really loved me.

when i was nine or so a guitar appeared at our house. this changed everything. i’d play and i’d sing. i’d learn and i’d write. i started shifting my thoughts from the conventional to the not i have to say it?

little did i realize that the candy-assed stuff i was writing had no weight, i have to say it...nutritional value. but i did learn the “craft of songwriting.” this would serve me well as you’ll read later if you haven’t stopped reading by then.

as deep as cliché’s ran through my early songs, music became the focus of my life.

okay, we’re going to fast forward this baby, i might even be boring myself.

i found myself “making it big time” with mca-nashville country music star gary allan. playing guitar and writing songs recorded by this artist helped keep me supplied with guitar strings for quite a while. still does. in fact, the craft of songwriting (mentioned above) helped land me a writing contract at mca music publishing.

but something went wrong. most likely something in my head. one day when doing a nashville co-write with a predominate nashville country songwriter who couldn’t be troubled with writing the best song possible but rather the most commercial song possible, i think bells rang, my head snapped, and i developed an unquenchable thirst.

now i take my case to the people. i try to write what we all think. or what we all feel. or maybe how we want to feel. and if it doesn’t fit the formula for a “radio hit”, offends someone, or lacks the feel of being commercial, so be it. or let it be.

in short, if you have ever been told you’re too loud in a quiet room, this is your record. this is my life. hope to record another before i die. okay, maybe two more.


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