cupid's little joke

there's no reason i can tell
why you'd go out with me
we're an oddball couple
as mismatched as two could be
i'm afraid you're the victim of
an impractical hoax
yes you're the victim of
cupid's little joke

sure since we've been going out
i've given up my wayward ways
i've never been as grateful
as since that fateful day
he must be smiling
when we argue who love's who the most
we didn't know about cupid's little joke

he's out there somewhere
he's drinkin' champagne
he must be shakin' his head
as he recites our names
he must be proud
'cause he outdid himself this time
and he made me a lucky man
when he made you my valentine

the mystery why we're together
is as big as the missing link
why mona lisa's smiling
and the riddle of the sphinx
still each night we raise our glass
to his name we drink a toast
you and me and a little thing called
cupid's little joke

words and music by jake kelly
© 2003 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool

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