i'm the one (in love with you)

i bet you're wondering
just why i called
i want to say something
aren't we friends after all
i know you're looking
i was looking too
and i'm the one in love with you

i hope i haven't scared you
by being so bold
it's not really like me
or so i've been told
but there's something about you
it makes me do what i wouldn't do
and i'm the one in love with you

i'm the one
who loved you all along
and i'm the one
who will love you
right or wrong

sure it's a gamble
but what can i say
better to take a chance
than to watch you slip away
please keep me in mind
before you find someone new
'cause i'm the one
in love with you


words and music by jake kelly
© 2003 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool


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