i really need to know

does anyone know just where love goes
after the thrill is gone
it's easy to see for her and me
love's left us alone
if it's out there, hiding somewhere
that's the one place that i need to go
so tell me now 'cause someway somehow
i really need to know

there was a time we were just fine
and all we would do is laugh
one day we awoke and we hardly spoke
love slipped from our grasp
from that moment on i asked everyone
but the trails gone cold
so tell me please and put me at ease
i really need to know

i need to know
and i need to find out fast
where love went
so i can bring it back
if i don't try we won't survive
and that's how the story goes
so where's the love sent from above
i really need to know


words and music by jake kelly
© 2003 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool


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