i wish i could forget

lately it seems i losing my mind
i’m misplacing things all the time
i can’t find words on the tip of my tongue
this didn’t happen when i was young
still i remember the stupid things that i regret
i remember but i wish i could forget

when i was five i stole a candy bar
my mom had me take it back to the store
and there was the time i told my boss off
he cut me a check and i was out of a job
and on a losing horse i place a placed one huge bet
i remember but i wish i could forget

my mind plays tricks on me
as if it were kind of a game
using selective memory
to slowly drive me insane

we all live with the choices we made
but i wish i could make mine go away
i pray some day that my memory will slip
and i won’t recall your sweet lips
i’ll blank out everything from the day we met
i’ll remember you but i wish i could forget



words and music by jake kelly
© 2006 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool


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