i'm fortunate to have a few friends. please check out their websites:

chad harvey website
chad harvey myspace
chad asked me to play guitar with him when his new cd "get lit" came out. i had almost forgotten how much fun playing music can be...plus he has a kegerator at his house, making him a friend indeed.

Fano Guitars
I don't own one of these guitars...yet! but i gladly take one for christmas, and another for my birthday.

this is a cool way to learn to play the guitar or other instruments. they feature instant access to guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and keyboard lessons.

L2P Network (formerly singer & musician magazine)
this magazine features a regular column from that jake kelly guy. there's back issues available online if you want to read some of my philsophical musings.

nancy apple website
nancy apple myspace
nancy and i might have been seperated at birth, and she got most of the tallent. she makes great cds and is a valued friend.

phil lee
if you haven't heard phil's songwriting you're missing out. this exemplifies all that's right in the world.

mike fried website
mike fried myspace
He'd never say it himself, but mike is one of the world finest steel guitarist. mike is a true blue friend who's always a man of his word.

standel amplifiers

seymour duncan pickups

epiphone guitars

gibson guitars

tomkins guitars

thomas shelby

luke reed

randy adams

building a kit guitar by bruce howlett

green car door

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