talk trash


everybody’s willing to talk trash
the last time i heard it won’t be the last
if someone’s got something to say
they’re going to do it in a negative way
and everybody’s willing to talk trash

you’ll never guess what happened to me at work
it all started with some talk from some little jerk
so this guy hey for now we’ll call him bob
he’s a mover a shaker he’s a suck up after my job
and apparently bob ain’t afraid to lie
and anything i say in my defense sounds like an alibi


i was talking the edge off at the local watering hole
and next to me were these girls i didn’t know
and you’ll never believe what i had overheard
such pretty girls using such ugly words
and it turns out they we’re talking about a friend
and boy did their tone change when see walked in


but if you want to talk trashy
baby that’s something else
come whisper in my ear
or lets sneak off by ourselves
there’s a difference between trashy talk
and talking trash i’ve learned
one is where i get turned on
the other’s where i get burned

words and music by jake kelly
© 2005 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool

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